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BigPretzel Fun

Thanks to the wonderful team over at spn_bigpretzel we've just completed the 'Get into Shape'  challenge in which over 250 drabbles and graphics were produced in 10 days.

I was delighted to take part and even more delighted to end up on the winning team, and below is a list of my contributions to the challenge!


The Best Curse
The Taco's Revenge
Castiel's First Time
The Morning After
Fine Dining
Mastercard Madness
Shot Away
It Calls ...
Sweet Torture
The Grim Gourmet
Soppy Sam
Fighting Dirty
A Night to Remember

Sam Hates Hallowe'en
A Fun Guy to be with
Words of Wisdom

untitled (3)

Dean Winchester and Food - an illustration
A Fact of Life - Sam, Take Note
Tags: castiel, dean winchester, death, drabbles, fan art, fan fiction, sam winchester, supernatural

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