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Blast from the Past

I was browsing through my old desktop computer at the weekend looking for an old family photo, and while I was looking for said photo, I came across this little antique.

I wrote this around 1992/93 for a friend who was a huge Formula 1 motor racing fan.  She followed the Benetton team, and one day their fan club announced a writing competition, the first prize for which was tickets to that year's Silverstone Grand Prix.  So she asked me to write her entry (with a promise that I'd get the other ticket!)

And this is what we submitted:
(The Michael and Damon referred to in the poem are Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill)

Quite how I came to be here, I really couldn't say
The starting grid at Silverstone on a balmy Summers day
I tried shouting 'Hello Michael' above the engine's roar
I waved across at Damon but I don't believe he saw
So I held my car in readiness as the start light twinkled red
And set my vision forward for the track that lay ahead

Quite how I came to be here, I have really no idea
Ten laps in at Silverstone and in the lead I fear
The adrenaline was pumping and the tyres holding fast
As I took the bend at ninety five, I had to make them last
It was then I saw the Benetton, going for my throat
Roaring like a panther in a blue, metallic coat

Quite how I came to be here, I really do not know
Fifty laps at Silverstone with only ten to go
I was fighting with the Benetton and fighting with my nerve
Like my rival I had courage, I had guts and I had verve
Still the battle carried on, no quarter could be given
Driving just as hard as my poor engine could be driven

Quite how I came to be here, I wouldn't have a clue
The finish line at Silverstone, I was the first one through
I took the chequered flag with joy, the Benetton at my side
He just missed out on beating me, though heaven knows he tried
I heaved myself out of the car, my body crushed and drained
But for the ecstacy of glory, I would do it all again

Quite how I came to be there, I sadly realised
When I woke up Sunday morning, disillusioned, bleary-eyed
With a Mini in the garage which can really only mean
That my Formula One glory must remain a distant dream
But I consoled myself, it's Sunday, and the beer is getting cold
It's Grand Prix day at Silverstone and Benetton's on pole!

We came second!!!
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