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A funny thing happened on the way home last night ...

I had one of those strange experiences where instinct kicks in and common sense takes a hike last night.

Driving home from work around 5pm, the traffic suddenly became very slow; it's only a little road, wooded either side, but it tends to be a rat run for people (like me) taking a shortcut between several local villages.

It was still daylight, but just creeping into dusk, and as I moved forward, I could see the hold up and I couldn't believe my eyes.

A deer.  Sitting in the middle of the road.  Not lying, so it wasn't dead, it was sitting; looking around at all the traffic crawling around it and clearly terrified out of its wits.

And that was it; I just couldn't ignore the poor thing.

Pulling over onto the grass verge, I climbed out of my car, then thought, woah, hang on Diz - what the hell are you going to do?  It was one of those big red deer, so there was no way I'd be able to move it on my own, and I have no authority to stop traffic!

I'd decided I was going to go into the boot of my car and get my warning triangle to put in front of it to give it a bit of breathing space while I called the RSPCA, but before I did I heard a voice behind me.

"I can't believe all these bastards just driving by!"

I turned round, and a young guy had pulled up beside me.

"Well, now you're here, perhaps we could try to get him out of the road before it starts getting really dark?"  I replied, "then when he's out of danger we can call the RSPCA"

He nodded and we began to walk back up to the the deer, only to find it had somehow managed to drag itself into the wood by the side of the road.  We could see exactly where it went by a trail of blood.

In high heels and skirt, I wasn't exactly dressed for wandering through the woods, so the guy went in to see if he could locate it while I phoned the RSPCA; I know they don't come out to wildlife calls unless the animal is in sight.

We then stood there, hearing the poor thing shuffling around behind us, by the side of the road as it got dark and freezing cold waiting for the RSPCA who eventually came, thanked us for our efforts and took the deer away.

The guy with me was pretty convinced it had broken it's leg, so whilst I would love to think it could be fixed, I have every expectation the RSPCA put it down, but at least it's not suffering any more and it died somewhere warm and comfortable.

When I got home and thawed out, I sat down and thought to myself; "Diz, you just stood out for an hour on a dark, unlit road, with no pavements, surrounded by woods, and put your trust in a bloke you've never set eyes on before and never will again.  You're a moron."

Yep, I'm a moron!
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