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Goodbye brain; it was nice knowing you ...

I just found out today that I've got to attend a meeting next week, about my company's pension scheme.  And it's pencilled into my diary for four hours.


Talking about pensions?

I can feel my brain liquifying as I type; it's dribbling out of my ears. Oh heck, that's gonna stain the couch!

Sheesh, I can feel a spam coming on ...

For the purposes of preserving what little sanity I've managed to scrape up off the carpet and to celebrate Supernatural being reviewed for a tenth season, here are ten pictures of Dean/Jensen that make me giggle!


Sam, Superglueing a bottle to my hand is one thing, sticking my face to the wall makes you a prize douchebag!


Would you trust that face?


It's wrong - but oh so right!


SAM! Give me that freakin' superglue!


It's not often in my life I can honestly say I've been jealous of a snake ...


The moment that changed 'Eye of the Tiger' forever.


Is it wrong that I feel an overwhelming urge to shove his face in it? Is it even wronger that I feel the urge to lick it off afterward?

untitled (3)

Not unlike how I looked this morning when I found out about that bloody meeting!

untitled (2)

Yup, it's that sodding meeting again!


Well, come on, it's me.  I had to include a bit of flesh.  D'you reckon he needs any help, by the way?
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