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The ongoing adventures of the Hunter Girls in London ...

So, once again the fine City of London was host to yet another reunion of the Hunter Girls, Jane (Dizzojay), amber1960, Angela, Ana and Paul.  Okay, four Hunter Girls and one honorary Hunter Girl, but who's quibbling?

We were very lucky to be joined by two very special guests ...

(warning for plastic naughtiness below)

IMG_0480 (2)

Paul and Angela commune with our special guests.

IMG_0479 (2)

So do Dizzo and Amber.

Our special guests really entered into the spirit of the occasion.

IMG_0482 (2)

Hey Sam, look at those two pansy dudes, they remind you of someone ...?

IMG_0483 (2)

Hey guys, get a room!
Tags: happy dizzo, hunter girls, little plastic people, supernatural

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