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Of Hunters and Hedgehogs ...

Spoilery season 9 musings under the cut ...

Okay, so I've been watching season 9, and I'm loving it so far, just the right blend of angst and absurdity to satisfy my perverted inquisitive mind.  I'm loving our show as much as ever at the moment; in fact, there's only one thing about season 9 that is currently troubling me ...

... What's with the full-on 'hedgehog's arse' that Dean's sporting at the moment?


I get it, I do.  Everything's gone to crap.  Dean's angst-ridden, grieving and otherwise occupied; perhaps he hasn't had time to shave?  I mean, vanity isn't high on the agenda when you're buckling under the weight of all-consuming guilt and self-loathing, but in all the crappy times he's been through before - losing his dad, losing Sam, losing Bobby, killing Benny, facing hell - even through a whole year in purgatory he managed to take a razor to his chops, so what the heck's going on?

Lets be brutally honest here; Dean could paint his face catsick yellow and wear a binbag and I'd still fancy him, and although I've always loved him most when he's clean shaven, I know he has always favoured a little bit of stubble.   A little bit of stubble is great; on him, it's devilishly attractive - a faint trace of roughness on that perfect face, giving it a harder edge (after all, when you're a badass monster hunter, you need something to balance off those pouty lips, emerald eyes and obscene eyelashes), but we've gone way beyond that with this pelt that he seems to have sprouted recently ... I wouldn't know whether to kiss it or make a pair of gloves out of it.

So come on Dean, play nice.  For me.  Get rid.  When nature blesses you with a face like yours why cover it up? Hedgehogs belong in fields not on your face.

I don't ask for much; if I can't have gratuitous nudity, give me, at least, a naked chin.

Until then, allow me to indulge myself  in a  few shots of Dean, sans hedgehog, exactly as I like him ...

0ugj8lgqdu28ud8l (2)




No hedgehogs were harmed in the writing of this drivel ...

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