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I suddenly feel very old ...

Last night I went to my nephew's 18th birthday party, and I couldn't help but reflect that the hulking six-foot man with a chinful of bum-fluff and size ten feet who I danced with is the same little cone-headed maggot that I went to see at the hospital eighteen years ago, just three hours after he made his entrance into this world.

Watching him knock back the WKDs with his friends, who were doing their level best to make sure he made the most of his first day of being able to drink alcohol legally in the UK, was reassuring because at least I know, that as old as I may be feeling today, I won't be feeling anywhere near as fragile as he is this morning!

As we left yesterday evening, my hubby took him aside and left him with a nice bit of Man-to-Man advice:
'Sam, when the room starts to spin, it's time to head for the bathroom; and make sure you get your whole head in the toilet, otherwise it gets really messy ...'

Oh, your first hangover - such an important rite of passage!

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