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Happy Post: A first time for everything!

It's been a funny old morning.

After swearing, after my 5k in 2019, that I would never run again, I was talked into doing my very first (and probably only) 10k. It was in a place called Bournemouth which is on the south coast, so the event had a lovely view of the sea all the way along.

I'm not going to say this was a run, because I just don't run. I've made my peace with the fact that I'm no good at running and because I dislike it so intensely, I have no inclination to do more of it in an attempt to improve!! This was very much an on and off light jog/power walk, and a group of us from my workplace did it in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. I ran with a lovely lady called Vicki who has a similar level of fitness to me, and we crossed the finish line together hand in hand!

I finished toward the back of the field in 1 hour 36 minutes, but I finished!


Legs have really stiffened up now.  Just waiting to put the buns to bed, then hot bath and glass of wine awaits!
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