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Happy post: It finally happened...!

So, after 18 months of frustrations, postponements and altered arrangements, I finaly got to go to one of the conventions I had booked back in 2019.  It was the Crossroads convention in Birmingham, England, and it was a fabulous weekend of fun, catching up with friends and happy tears.

Birmingham is about two and a half hours drive from my home, so I set off after rush hour and arrived at the Hilton around 1pm, and arriving at the hotel, and seeing the fans milling around outside chatting, and laughing, really made me feel like I'd come home.  It was an emotional moment!

Once I'd met up with sasha_dragon and chellexxx, and we'd registered for the con, we settled in for a nice meal and a chat.  We had a lot of catching up to do!

The convention was a lovely event, with a great lineup of guests, even Baby turned up for the occasion.  Unlike the good/bad old days of Rogue conventions, Starfury events are so much better organised, and the queueing, although a signiicant part of the day, is nothing like the neverending bunfights we used to endure.  It was all really quite civilised!

The organiser of the convention had made it clear that he wasn't going to go ahead if there was any possibility of needing screens between fans and guests, so as a great compromise, a 'no-touch' rule was put in place.  That meant lots of new ideas for photo poses.  I had a lot of fun trying new poses (there were a couple of pictures where we just didn't have time to get too imaginative!) and the guests were really up for it as well :)

Here are the mugshots...

I also got a chance to get some artwork signed

Of course, given that the hotel is on Pendigo Way, we had to go and make a pilgrimage to the sign which is usually 'edited' by a Supernatural fan during the event.  We were most aggrieved to find out that some jobsworth had removed the 'W'... how rude!!!

So, here we go, I've improved it.

On Saturday evening we were joined by a couple of other con-goers who we knew from Asylum 18, and I have seen since at the last two JIBs. Chris and Natalie are a mum and daughter and they love their cons!  Having additional friends to enjoy the weekend with just made it even more extra special!

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