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The Friday Five

As there don't seem to be any new uestions this week, here are a set of questions from a ffew weeks ago!

1. What luxury is totally worth the price? British houses aren’t built with air conditioning – we Just don’t have the climate here to justify the cost.  But many years ago Mr D and I spent a couple of hundred pounds on a portable air conditioning unit which we get out over the summer and put in our bedroom.  We probably only use it for a few weeks of the year, but on those really oppressive warm muggy nights that characterise a British summer, it’s worth its weight in gold!

2. What is the most unique or silliest problem you have going on in your life at the moment? Not a problem as such, but I’m trying to think up and gather some decent ‘no-contact’ photo-op poses for a convention I’m going to next week!

3. If you were so wealthy you didn’t need to work, what would you do with your time? Travel, go to conventions, do volunteer work, and concentrate on art and writing

4. What is the most tedious and/or the most exciting sport to watch? Everyone in the UK loves Football (soccer). The whole country seems to be obsessed with it and yet, I think it’s the most boring, uninteresting sport; I really can’t tolerate it. Of our British national sports, I’d much rather watch Cricket (which is much more interesting than a lot of people think it is), and Rugby which often turns into a bit of a bloodbath, but is still a fantastic game to watch.

5. What do you think the ideal age to be is? From my own point of view, I really enjoyed my forties.  I was settled into my life and career, I’d got over all that ‘finding myself’ stuff of my teens and twenties, and reached that point in my life where I was comfortable enough with who I was to not give a crap what other people thought or said about me.
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