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Dizzo heads east ...

I've been chatting with a very lovely lady who asked me, some time ago, if she could translate some of my stories into Russian for a Russian Spn fansite that she runs.  I was ridiculously excited by this and happy to oblige!

I was also thrilled to find out she's also been doing some wonderful artworks to go with my stories and she has given me complete access to them, so I've decided to share some of them here over the next few days.

If you want to leave any love for her work, I'll be happy to pass it on!

Genre: Angst
Rating: K+
Characters: Inanimate Object's POV
Spoilers: 5.16 - Dark Side of the Moon
Word Count: 100




It's dark where I am now.

I don't know where that is; I remember a trashcan on a shabby motel floor, but nothing more.

Some say I came from heaven; maybe so, but I enjoyed another heaven for many years.

Ever since that little boy hung me around his neck, and I rested against his warm chest, listening to his softly beating heart; I knew it was a good heart.

Things changed over time; the voice grew deeper, the neck grew thicker, the chest grew broader, but that soothing heartbeat never changed.

Then someone broke that heart.


It's dark where I am now.



Tags: amulet, angst, dean winchester, drabbles, fan fiction, supernatural

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