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June's Fandom treasures

As you all know, I'm rehoming all of June's fandom treasures.  If you would like to claim something and have your own little piece of June's fandom legacy, the list is HERE

I've started sending some things out, and only last week, I sent out items to Australia, Canada, Austria, Japan, Belgium and good old UK!

Sam is delighted that his Mum's treasures are going all over the world to continue spreading the joy that they brought June, and mentioned to me that it would be nice to see where they all ended up.

So, here's a little request...

When your item arrives, please can you post a photo of it (and you if you wish!!) giving some idea of where it is - with a sign or a flag, or a national flower - or anythng you can think of.  Utlimately it will be nice just to see them in their new homes.

Either post them here on Lj or on Facebook in the 'Remembering June' memorial group, and I will gather them together over there, and have a permanent gallery of how far June's love has spread all around the globe :)

Don't forget, if you haven't joined the Fb group and would like to, just let me know!

Thank you!
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