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In memory of June

I mentioned yesterday that milly_gal and I were starting the process of rehoming all of jj1564's fandom things.

With that in mind, I would like to offer out some of JJ's collection to all of her fandom friends.  We would love for you all to have a little piece of JJ's life to remember her by.

I've posted a list of items below, and if you would like anything specific, just PM me.  I'm doing this on a 'first come first served' basis, so it might be worth mentioning a second choice too.  If you would like something, but don't mind what it is, then let me know, and I'll surprise you!

I don't want any money for anything, all I want is for the things that brought JJ so much joy, to have a chance to carry on being loved and valued the way she would have wanted.

Funko Official Bobby
Funko Dean in Impala
Funko Crowley
Funko Charlie
Funko Gym coach Dean
Funko Winged Castiel
Funko FBI Dean
Funko Castiel ‘Steve’
Funko MoC Dean
Funko FBI Sam
Outlander Funko - Jack Randall
Outlander Funko - Jamie Fraser
Sam and Dean mug
Light up framed Baby picture
Mini die cast ‘Baby’
I Love spn Christmas tree ornament
Spn Mini Guide to Saving People and Hunting things
Dean Winchester coaster 1
Dean Winchester coaster 2
Dean Winchester coaster 3
Asylum 16 lanyard
Game of Thrones Magnet set
Spn Temp tattoo set – unused
Jensen wallet
Lupine Art Mini Journal – Sam and Dean
Lupine Art mini Journal – Loki and Thor
Lupine art Dean fridge magnet
Lupine art John Winchester keyring
Various Spn Keyrings - Dean, Crowley or Baby
Spn necklace pentacle
Spn necklace Samulet
Spn Playing card set
Various Spn postcards
12” standup Jensen
Superwholock badge
Spn poster collection book (large)
The cricket steak house plate
Dean and Sam shoulder bag
Blue ‘keep calm and hunt things’ shoulder bag
Spn 2021 calendar
Various Spn magazines, monthly and special editions
Fabric Hellhound (made by herminekurotowa)

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