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Happy Birthday Borgmama1of5

Happy birthday wishes to Borgmama1of5. 
Just for you; a couple of saucy 'Dean' moments ...

Disclaimers: I don't own them, just borrow them occasionally for fun and frolics!

Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Word count: approx 100


Dean leaned over, running expert hands over the sleek contours of her body. Skilfully, lovingly; lingering strokes of well-practiced hands moving smoothly over the firm curves and planes of the proud beauty in front of him; the loving massage proving equally therapeutic to both of them.

As his strong, experienced hands worked their magic, he softly murmured sweet nothings; quiet, reassuring whispers making sure she knew she was the centre of his universe.

Eventually, he stood up, wiping his hands.

"Hey, lookin' good baby," he smiled, "that's enough wax; how about we top up your radiator now?"


Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Word count: approx 100



"It's a succubus" announced Sam.

"A what?" Dean yawned, shooting Sam his well-practiced look of glazed disinterest.

"The thing that's been icin' our guys; a succubus." Sam continued regardless, "A female demon which manifests as a beautiful, nubile young woman who passionately seduces men and … Dean, close your mouth, you're starting to drool … lures them to their doom".

"… nubile? …"


" … beautiful? …"

"That too"

"… chick who seduces men …"


"… an' we've gotta track it down? …"

"Got it in one!"

Dean licked dry lips; "well, it's a crappy job, but someone's gotta do it!"


Tags: dean winchester, humour, impala, massage, succubus, supernatural

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