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The Friday Five

This is today's set of questions:

  1. What toys were popular when you were a kid?

I was born in 1968, so I was a child in pre-computer times. Some of the toys I remember being really popular in the first, say, 10 years of my life were: Etch-a-Sketch, Spirograph, Sindy (the UK equivalent to Barbie),Action Man, Lego, Meccano, Weebles and lots of things relating to contemporary TV shws and characters such as the Muppets or the Wombles.

  1. What musicians were popular when you were a teenager?

I was an early eighties teenager, and as such I think I won life’s musical lottery.  I was a total ‘new romantic’ in my teenage years and I spent my formative years dancing and singing along to bands and artists such as Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Adam Ant, Human League, Culture Club and Ultravox.

  1. What unique personality traits do you think you have in common with others born around the same time as you?

I’m not entirely sure that people of my age have any common personality types.  Having said that, we were the last generation to go through our schooling without the use of computers and did all our revision and studying using books and other printed resources.  I think, also, we were possibly the last generation that had complete freedom to disappear and play outdoors without parental supervision, and of course there were no mobile phones in my youth, so we were fairly self-sufficient as kids.  Therefore, I think maybe my generation has a certain degree of independence,self-reliance and resourcefulness. 

  1. Do you think stereotypes about your generation are accurate?

I’m Gen X, and I believe we have a slightly ‘latchkey-kid’ stereotype, which sort of fits in with what I was saying above.

  1. What do you admire about other generations?

Every generation has its own unique benefits and its own unique challenges.  The generation that I most admire is my grandparents’ generation.  Those who lived through a World War and gave up so many years of normal life to do their bit, whether it be at home or on the front line, and who lived in the shadow of death every day.
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