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Meme-y stuff - 30 Day Meme. Day 28

Today's question

Day 28 - Your Year in Great Detail.

Well, I don't know about great detail, but here are the edited highlights, assuming that socialising with friends, drawing pictures and writing fanfic goes without saying:

Goodbye to friends who were returning to New Zealand - snif
Start the Dryathlon in aid of Cancer Research - feeling virtuous
Car crash – ouch!

Hate sodding February - grump
Novelty of the Dryathlon starting to wear off - *twitch*
Snow - double grump

Spring - yay!
Bloody cold - grump
Dryathlon ends, £620 raised for cancer research - proud!
Day out in London with lifelong Bestie and watched two theatre shows in one day - Yay!
Drawing bees for a local pub - buzz

My birthday - yay yay yay!
First glass of wine of the year on my birthday - yay yay yay yay!
Still spring, still bloody cold - grump.
First art show of the season cancelled due to snow - megagrump
Second art show of the season cancelled due to torrential rain - bitchface
Third art show of the season actually went ahead, very successful - yay yay yay!
Take Mum to the theatre for her birthday - yay!
Easter eggs - yum!

Fourth art show of the season cancelled due to flooding - *rude words*
Still friggin’ cold – grump.
Jus in Bello, and then Rome with great buddies - Huzzah!
Asylum 10 – yay yay yay!
Photo ops with  Jensen – Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! *faints*


Summertime, cue pissing rain – grump
Art show – sodding rain!
Day in London with bestie – friggin’ ten force gale.
Visit to parents for my Dad’s birthday – yay!

Heatwave – huzzah, we are FINALLY getting a Summer!
Camping in the heatwave in our new tent – yay!
Local art exhibition – yay!

Art shows all month, lots of pictures sold – yay!
Heatwave still going strong - *is this really England?*
Laryngitis – croak

Camping again – yay!
Heating system kaput – oh bugger!
Heating system fixed - ££££££££££££££
London with bestie – yay!


Mr Dizzo’s birthday – yay!
Supernatural starts again – yay yay yay yay!

Asylum 11 – woohoo!


And that, dear friends, is as far as we've got so far!
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