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Reporting from the Asylum

Well, it was Friday the 1st November at about 2 pm when I set toward the Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow for Asylum 11.

This was  going to be an interesting convention, with only three guests due to a couple of last minute guest cancellations, an Asylum Lite, if you will.

But anyone who does conventions will know they are not just about the guests, and none of us were deterred by the apparent dearth of Supernatural stardom.

The convention began on Saturday, the 2nd of November, and the significance of this date in the Supernatural calendar was not lost on many of the convention-goers, so couple that with the event's proximity to Hallowe'en, the suitably supernatural atmosphere was more than complemented by the antics of paranormal entusiast Chad Linburgh who entertained us all with his EMF Meters and other hissy, beepy things which, fascinating as they were, didn't find anything remotely spooky in the Renaissance hotel.

Travis 'Ghostfacer' Wester was just the best fun, a lovable, self-depreciating guy with the most hilarious case of verbal diarrhoea imaginable, oh, and he gave Chad a fantastically memorable lapdance - I'm sure it must be on Youtube by now!

The final guest was Tyler Johnston, otherwise known as Samandriel, who stepped in at the 11th hour when Mark Pellegrino unfortunately had to pull out.  As he was such a sweet young thing, not to mention being a convention rookie, there was a concerted effort among the convention-goers to take care of him and make sure his very first convention experience was a good one.  Really, we needn't have worried -  dear, young Samandriel can give very much as good as he gets and I predict he will become a convention darling in a very short space of time!

So another fun experience filled with great friends, fun and laughter is behind me.  :(

Three more booked up for next year!   :D

The lovely, and very unique Chad Lindbeugh
Travis Wester - I can't look at this guy without smiling!
'surprise me', I said!  Travis puts his best foot forward for the challenge.
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