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The Strands of Time ... a Sam hair picspam

Don’t believe anyone who tells you there are only seven wonders of the world.

The eighth wonder is Sam’s hair. It is a thing of beauty, a work of art, a living being in its own right, a structural masterpiece; and like all great wonders, it has been around centuries (or so it seems).

So let’s take a wander through the years and revisit the timeless marvel that is Sam’s hair…

This spam is a sincere thank you to the wonderful casey28 who very kindly sent me the Supernatural Forever Magazine which wasn't available to us poor peasants in the UK!

Season 1

Our first sighting of Sam in season 1 is as the cute, floppy-haired genius graduate, looking forward to a big future in law. Of course, Sam looks about fourteen and I feel like the worst kind of dirty old woman in even acknowledging how cute he is!

This is the shortest we see Sam’s hair (although that fringe is epic). Say farewell to the back of his neck, because you’ll never see it again!

Season 2

RIP fringe, we miss you.

In season 2, Sam’s trying to look more grown up and the fringe is gone (although it's not entirely under control!)

The hair’s longer, the attitude is stronger, and that centre parting looks like it’s been carved with one of Dean’s machetes!

Season 3

Here in Season 3, Sam’s showing us a bit more than his hair.  Not that we’re not complaining; we’ll take what we can get!

Season 3 hair is characterised by not knowing what the heck it wants to be, oh, and with a cute flick.

The hair is continuing to get longer, and the fringe is tying to keep well out of the way of that bitchface.

Who can blame it???

Season 4

Similar to season 3 hair, in season 4 Sam seems to be winning the battle against keeping his fringe out of his face, and aren’t we glad?

It means we get to see facial expressions like this one where Sam is looking lovingly at Dean.  Otherwise known as 'the look that wrote a thousand fanfics'

And this one.  Well, If you're going to torture and kill a demon with your mind, you might as well have the style that suits the occasion. Whether you like it or not, at least it's off his face so we get the full effect of all the sinister and unsettling facial expression that goes along with zapping a baddie to oblivion.

Season 5

By now Sam’s hair has got the message.  It’s attached to Satan’s vessel, and if said vessel wants it out of his face, it’s staying the hell out of his face!

It’s getting longer, which kind of suits the occasion; you can’t really imagine Satan having a short back and sides.

And can we just take a moment to admire those sideburns? Now those truly are demonic! 

Here Satan in his John Travolta suit, with hair well and truly under control (and under half a tonne of hair gel.)

Couldn’t help but think that if Satan did go down into the pit in this guise, his hair would be a blazing inferno within seconds!

Season 6

Season 6 was the year of soulless Sam, but there was nothing soulless about his hair.

Sam’s hair really started to come into its own here.  It was thick and luxuriant and longer than ever.

And sideburns … those things are one careless shave away from requiring their own zip code.  It has been said that they spear unfortunate insects that pass too close.

Season 7

Sam’s hair is increasing in volume to an alarming degree.

It’s incredibly long and thick … (we’re back to fanfic again) … and the sideburns have got past needing a zipcode and are on the verge of announcing their sovereign status and declaring war on Canada.

But despite all this, Sam is still ridiculously pretty.

Season 8

Season 8 hair is …

Words fail me.

There is no mention of Jared planning for the future and auditioning for a new Addams Family movie as Cousin It.

There is another school of thought (OK, my own thought to be precise) that Sam grew his hair over his ears so he couldn’t hear Amelia’s whining.

But I’m sure that’s not the case, because Sam is a good person.  And I’m not.

Sam’s hair may be long, but it’s cute and glossy and flicky, and women all over the world are jealous.

Season 9

It’s fair to say that fans approached season 9 with some degree of trepidation.  Based on Sam’s increasing level of hirsuteness in previous seasons, we wondered whether we would be confronted with a tall and incredibly handsome Rapunzel.

Luckily, we were in fact confronted with a much sleeker, controlled style than we saw in season 8, (hardly difficult), but delighted to see that the cute little flick hasn’t been harmed.

It’s a little shorter at the back, but still thick and luxurious.  It even looks perfect when Sam’s being beaten up by some creepy witch from Oz

And it’s the perfect bitchface accompaniment.

Season 10

Sam had a serious case of helmet-hair in Season 10.  And worse still, that cute little flick is gone.  What is this sorcery?

Of course, season 10 was the season of Demon Dean, so I’m sure that satanic little shit had something to do with it…

Season 11

Season 11 hair is back to the usual Lively, flicky , masterpiece we all know and love.

Season 11 hair looks particularly nice when Sam is being bespelled by icky supernatural viruses or beaten up and generally abused.  Of course I don’t condone this sort of behaviour, but – damn!  It looks sexy on him!

Of course, just to prove that Sam’s hair doesn’t just look awesome when he’s being beaten up…

Season 12

Just to prove that we don’t just celebrate the hair on Sam’s head … *dies*

Oh yes, and Sam’s being beaten up again … mind his hair, bitch!

Season 13

Sam’s hair hasn’t changed too much from its season 12 look to its season 13 look. It's still long and luscious and glossy and flicky…

And two-dimensional.

Season 14

Of course, season 14 is the season where Sam’s hair went wandering across his face.  Sam‘s beard was the biggest shock in Supernatural since Dean went darkside.

Dean may not have liked Sam’s beard, but none of us were complaining…

Not to be outdone, Sam’s hair continued looking luscious and gorgeous!

Season 15

What can we say about season 15, apart from “WAAAAAAHHH!!!”

There was, of course, this scene in the finale, when for once, we didn’t actually care about the hair on Sam’s head…


And finally, here, in the final heaven reunion scene, Sam’s hair is very well-ordered and symmetrical, and beautifully backlit.

Does anyone else think it looks like a halo?

And now I’m going to crawl into a corner and sob pathetically…

But, before I go ... some honorable mentions.

Sam’s larping hair.  He looks every inch the highland warrior.  A beautifully styled and conditioned highland warrior…

Alterntive Sam and his manbun.

Alternative Sam thinks he looks awesome…

There’s a fine line between ‘awesome’ and ‘a complete pillock’.

Elderly Sam…

“Darling, did you put the cat out?”

“Yes dear, it’s sitting on your head…”

And then there’s Jared…

Just … Jared.  We love him.

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