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Happy post: Bunny update!

I have been speaking to the sanctuary owner this week.

She called me very apologetically and explained that due to circumstances beyond her control (family medical emergncy), she had to cancel a few vets apointments last week, so my bubs haven't been snipped yet.  They are, however, booked in for next week.  So my initial ETA of 26th June has been bumped a little.  Now, allowing time for little puddings to convalesce from their surgery, and assuming no complications to slow things down, new ETA is 4th July!  That means they'll be 12 weeks old when i get them

We have, however, chosen our two from the litter of four.  These are the two, buck and doe, in the litter who are furthest along; biggest and strongest according to the sanctuary owner  The other two are being given another week to develop a bit more before they go for their snips.

So, I have my two little sweetums, and here they are:

This is Nutmeg, the buck :D

and Juniper, the doe  :D

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