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Meme-y stuff - 30 Day Meme. Day 26

Today's question.

Day 26 - Your Week in Great Detail.

I'm not going to inflict my week in great detail on you fine people.  I work in HR and trust me, a week in HR doesn't make for stimulating reading!

In between visiting my parents and going out with some very good friends, getting my eyebrows waxed (ouch) and writing a little one-shot for SpnBig-Pretzel (which you can see here) I also finished a drawing of three bears (yes, really) and started a new one of a border collie, upgraded my Jus in Bello pass from Demon to Angel (yay!!!) and pre-ordered the supernatural Season 8 DVD to be delivered tomorrow.  Huzzah!

Bears scan

So all in all, a good week ... well, apart from the HR bit!
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