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Meme-y stuff - 30 Day Meme. Day 25

Today's question:

Day 25 - Your day in great detail.

Oo-er, now this is a challenge.  What can I say to make my very uninteresting day sound remotely interesting?

Uh, not a bloomin' lot.

Breakfast with Mr Dizzo in our local coffee shop, then home where I made the beds, did some laundry, wrote a drabble and made a start on a new drawing while my husband was out in the shed tinkering with his bike when he was supposed to be checking the oil levels in my car.

Lots of stuff on the news about a storm which is due to batter the south of England overnight on Sunday; the worst storm for 25 years they reckon.  It's possible, therefore, that I'll be typing my journal from a pile of damp rubble on Monday,

Anyhoo, on to a pub in Winchfield earlier this evening where we met up with two good friends to catch up, wine and dine, then home to rest, relax and digest our delicious steak and ale pie!

Mr Dizzo has just spoken to one of his friends on the phone and the two of them have arranged to go out walking over Box Hill tomorrow.  Yeah, okay, just as the big storm is coming in!

I obviously married a nutter!
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