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Happy post: Bunny home is almost complete!

Mr D and I will be going to collect the bunnies on 26th June!!!

They had their health checks and their shots last week, and are having their snips this week - we're getting both the boy and the girl done!  While all this has been going on, we've been preparing their home corner.

Although they're going to be free roam bunnies (at least around the ground floor of the house and in the back garden), they need a safe space to be locked at night and at times when we're not there, and also a place they can call their own.

They've got a little bunny house, it's about just under 4 foot x just over 2 foot.  It's not the biggest bunny house you'll ever see but it's the biggest we can fit in the corner we've set aside for them!   We've been busy getting it all set up for them.  They have a little sleepy house, a litter tray, bowls and a padded liner to stop them sliding around on the plastic floor.  All I need to do is find out from the sanctuary whether they're used to drinking out of a bottle or a Bowl and act accordingly, then I'm about there.

They've got a little cat cave so they'll have a nice dark little bolt hole to hide in while they're out and about, and lots of nibble toys to provide enrichment and to exercise their little munchers.

Of course, hey probably won't use any of this.  They'll probably think our table legs are far more interesting nibble toys and they'll find a bolt hold to hide in which will be the one place in the house we don't want them to go, and can't get to them in!  We've been working so hard to block off every awkward inaccessible place from them but you can bet your life there'll be somewhere we've forgotten - and they'll find it!!!


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