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The Friday Five

I haven't done a Friday Five for a couple of weeks due to other stuff going on, so I decided it was time to play again.  This is a set of questions from August 2020...

1. How's your health this week?

It's been fine.  Had my second  covid shot on Tuesday with zero side effects, so all good!

2. What's the healthiest thing you've done recently?

I lost 46 pounds in weight between October 2020 and April 2021, which I've talked about at length here at my journal over the last few months, so I won't bore everyone by rehashing it all!

3. What do you look for in a doctor?

Someone who sees the person beyond the medical condition.

My GP (General Practitioner here in the UK)  is a lady called Doctor Lancashire who has been wih me for the entirety of my menopause journey, and she's awesome.  I also have a gynecologist called Mr Beynon, who is very personable and very good at his job. (And very Welsh!) :D

4. What was your most memorable childhood illness?

I was petty robust and  I didn't get sick much as a child, but I understand from the family I did have a very bad case of whooping cough when I was eleven months old, and that got pretty touch and go for a while.  Well, my Dad doesn't like talking about it - that's how bad it got apparently!

5. What's your most interesting scar and how did you get it?

Ah now, altthough I don't get sick much, injuries - now that's another matter.  As I seem to be the most accident prone human being on the face of the planet, I have several small scars and one giant one.

My scars are:

  • Scar on my right shin from being kicked by a horse

  • Scar on my chin from falling off my bike and faceplanting onto the pavement when I was fifteen - tiny scar on my upper lip from the same accident that also resulted in me now having two crowns because I left two front teeth embedded in the pavement!

  • Tiny scars on both my earlobes from having ears pierced when I was about five, and then getting an infection that wouldn't heal so having to have the holes stitched back up! That's why I don't have pierced ears now because of the scar tissue there.

  • Scar on the back of my left hand - accident with a pair of scissors

  • Not an injury - but still a scar: chickenpox scar on my neck

  • And the mother of all scars: my affectionately named 'sharkbite' (below), the remnant of a surgically repaired multiple fracture of my left elbow and humerus.  And all because I slipped over a paving slab!!

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