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Memey stuff - 30 Shades of Dizzo

I never could resist a good meme, and I've pinched this from cuddyclothes

There are thirty questions, so I'm going to do this in three parts so I don't bore you all to tears!

PART THE FIRST: Questions 1 - 10

1. Do you have a dry erase board? Nope

2. What feature do you get complimented on most? I'm not sure i get complimented that often to be honest, but I do remember being complimented on my eyes and my hair in the past

3. On average, how much money do you usually put into savings every week? We get paid monthly.  We put away £50 a month towards Mr D's Mum's funeral fund, and otherwise, we see what's left over at the end of the month - normally not much!

4. Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? No, although I have sleepwalked on several memorable occasions!

5. Do you start the shower water before or after you get in? Before, it takes about 10-15 seconds for the hot water to filter through the spray

6. What laundry detergent do you use? I don't have a favourite, usually Bold, Persil or Fairy - just one of the household name brands.

7. When you were younger, were you ever in a relationship with someone you now realize was way too old for you? When I was 18, I had a brief relationship with a 26 year old guy.  Not an exceptional age difference, but we went our separate ways, moreso because I wasn't interested in a serious relationship then, rather than the age difference.

8. How old were you the first time you traveled alone? Depending on the distance, I was about ten when I first travelled alone to a neighbouring town, about seventeen when I first travelled to London alone and In my forties when I first travelled abroad alone!

9. What's the longest hotel stay you've ever had? I don't think I've stayed in a hotel longer than two weeks.

10. What temperature do you keep your thermostat set to during the winter? We keep it to 18 degrees Celcius
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