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No Strings Attached: a birthday fic for MeAzrael_64

It's my dear friend, meazrael_64's birthday in a couple of days.

Now, because he's an awesome person, Dean always tries to organise something special to celebrate MeAzrael's birthday, but somehow it never quite goes according to plan.

Amazingly, this year is no different..


It's MeAzrael's birthday, and Dean's determined to celebrate it in a special way - no strings attached...

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays my dear meazrael_64!

Disclaimer: I don't own them


Sam looked up to see Castiel walking across the bunker toward him.

"Hey Cas", he greeted the angel; "what's that godawful noise?!"

"I believe it is coming from Dean's room," Castiel replied. He motioned to continue, but was cut off by Sam's shocked gasp.

"Dean's room? Crap!" Sam leapt to his feet; "the last time I heard Dean make a sound like that was the time he stepped on one of Jack's lego bricks. He must be in agony!"

Castiel shook his head; "no I do not believe Dean is in pain. You see, it's MeAzrael's birthday, and…"

Sam groaned.

"Oh no."

Castiel cocked his head in that quizzical way of his.

"No?" he parroted, confused.

"No, no, no… no… not again!" Sam muttered incoherently as he began to march toward Dean's room with Castiel trailing behind him.

"Dean," Sam yelled and burst into Dean's room; "Dean, what are you …" he paused. "What the hell?"

Dean was sitting on the end of his bed strumming a guitar.

"Oh hi Sam," he grunted. "Come in, why don't you."

Sam had the decency to look slightly shamefaced as Castiel peered around the side of his shoulder and stated, somewhat redundantly; "he already did, Dean."

"I didn't know you had a guitar," Sam observed with a confused frown.

"I didn't until a week ago," Dean replied with a grin. "Great, ain't she? I bought her second hand from the thrift store downtown."

"Oh," was the sum total of Sam's total response.

"She's got a string missing, but apart from that she's in perfect condition," Dean added triumphantly.

"A string missing?"

"Nothing important," Dean replied with a shrug.

"Of course it's important, "Sam snapped; "you don't hear Bryan Adams singing that he got his first real five string, do you?"

"Sam, have you got somewhere to be?" Dean snorted; "or are you just going to stand there criticising my stuff?"

"Yeah, I mean no; I wanted to know what that horrible noise was – I thought you were in pain!"

"I don't know what horrible noise you're talking about," Dean replied sniffily; "I was just sitting in here practicing my new song."

"Your new song?" Sam replied.

"Yup, the song that I've written for MeAzrael's birthday. But I want to play it for her too, that's why I'm learning the guitar."

"On a guitar with five strings?"

"Yes, alright, Mister Judgey," Dean snapped; "I thought I'd make allowances for that and write the song without the key of 'B'.

"Riiiiigggghhht…" Sam mused.

"But then I realised I have absolutely no idea how to do that so I'll just improvise," Dean continued, regardless.

"So it's the B String that's missing then?" Sam asked.

"Yeah," Dean replied; "still it could always be worse. It could always be the G string!" Dean grinned at his own joke and waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Sam kneaded his brow and groaned.

"Why would that be worse?" Castiel asked, causing Sam to startle, having largely forgotten the angel was there.

"Just google it Cas," Sam sighed; "you'll figure it out."

The two brothers fell into a momentary silence, as they stared at each other.

"Seriously, Dean," Sam groaned; "that poor woman, can't you just leave her alone?"

"Nope, it's her birthday Sam; I want her to go wild over such a special gift when she gets the recording. Of course it'll be on vinyl because, well, it's vinyl!"

"Go wild? She'll go deaf if she has to listen to that racket I just heard."

"You just don't appreciate good sounds, Sam," Dean grunted dismissively; "she'll love it, it's based on a Metallica song."

"Oh yeah," Sam replied, folding his arms across his chest. "What's it called?"

"Nothing else matters - except MeAzrael's birthday."

"Catchy," replied Sam.

"Yeah, well, Sam, no-one's ever written a song for your birthday, so cry me a river!"

"I'll survive," grinned Sam; "I hope you and your guitar will be very happy together. Now I'm going to go and warn MeAzrael, so she can get some ear defenders!"



Sam sat alone in the bunker's great hall. It had been a fairly quiet morning; at least if you ignored the sounds from Dean's room, which sounded like an elk rut on acid.

He had a thumping headache, partly due to Dean's caterwauling and partly due to a long painful conversation with Cas in which he tried manfully to explain how there were two types of G string, and only one of them was vital to the functioning of a guitar. And it wasn't the purple, wet-look leather one in the shape of an elephant which Castiel had found, and somehow accidentally ordered (size XL) from Amazon.

He looked up to see Dean, dishevelled and unshaven walking slowly into the main hall, dragging his guitar behind him.

"Hey, Eric Clapton. How'd you get on?"

Dean sighed.

"It turns out that playing a guitar is hard. Really hard."

Sam shrugged; "especially with five strings."

Dean took a long slug of whisky.

"Do you think MeAzrael will be satisfied with Three Blind Mice?"



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