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Let's GISH again...

Yesterday was a six-hour mini GISH event, and I decided, after the intensity and emotion of the last few weeks, that a little bit of light relief was maybe just what the doctor ordered!

So, a little ragtag band of us comprised of two of my JIB buddies and blackrabbit42 were merged with five delightful german ladies, and we sallied forth and GISHed our little hearts our for six hours.  Now the event ran from 11 am - 5 pm Pacific time, which meant it ran from 7pm - 1 am here in the UK, and I can honestly say it's one of the first times in my life I was painting my face and playing with my Funko Pop minis at midnight.  But, hey-ho, it's all part of Life's great tapestry, right?

Here's Jensen and me mentally preparing ourself for the event!

Overall, I managed to complete four items, and here they are:

Item 12. It's well known that plants enjoy music, so some people play classical music to their plants to calm them. But your plants don't want that - they're in the mood for a rave. Throw a rave for your plant.

(Here's a photo taken in daylight!)

Item 27. This weekend is the Endangered Species Coalition's Chalk Art Event. Create a sidewalk chalk or chalk art piece calling for the protection of an endangered species,

Item 37. After all, you're our wonder wall...

Item 46. 'Your toys like to go to festivals, too. You know this because you just saw them all in a big crowd or sandbox, watching your favourite toys and figurines perform on stage.'
(you just KNEW these little herberts were ging to turn up somewhere, didn't you!!)

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