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Happy Post: Bunny update!

I spoke to the sanctuary owner today.

The bubs are doing great.  They're five weeks old now.  On Friday they are all going to see the sanctuary's bunny-specialist vet and they're going to have a health check, teeth check and their vaccinations.  Buns need myxamotosis and Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease vax annually.  They're also going to be sexed properly by the vet.

As long as they pass their health checks, they'll be booked in for their snipping and spaying.  And then once they're over eight weeks old and fully recovered from their ops, I can then speak to the sanctuary owner to choose my two and arrange to pick them up!

This week  we bought a litte cat cave so that when the buns are out and about in the living room, they'll have a little dark safe space to call their own.

These are going to be two thoroughy spoiled bunnies!
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