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Don't you cry no more...

So today was the day we said our farewells to jj1564.  I know many of you have watched it on the livestream, and for some of you that meant getting up or staying up until silly o'clock because of time differences, and I'm very grateful.  I know June would be too.

The recording of the funeral will be available for another seven days for anyone else who wants to see it. Instructions are here

Sam absolutely did his Mum proud, he looked so dapper, and had organised the day so that it went off smooth as silk.  Milly and I, together with another of June's Supernatural friends called Serena who's not overly active on social media, were very grateful to have had the chance to attend, and Sam made sure that his Mum's fandom life was relived throughout the ceremony; he has never once resented it or underestimated its importance to her.  The Celebrant's eulogy was peppered with Supernatural references and quotes!

Milly and I both gave readings which were difficult, but what we wanted to do.  We owed it to June, representing, as we were, her fandom side.  I think they were well received, and a lot of June's family at the ceremony, even ones we didn't know, thanked us.

Things finished up with Carry On my Wayward Son, and that was perfect.  That was the first question Sam had asked me - did I think that would be appropriate?  Needless to say I said 100% yes!

A couple of days before June passed away, Sam had brought her a fabulous Supernatural-themed wall hanging for her new room in the care home.  as it turned out, he never got to give it to her.  So today it was draped over the coffin.

At the end of the service he gave it to me.
I'll treasure it always.

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