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High School Meme

It's been a while since I did a decent meme!

I snagged this from kattrip033.  There are massive differences between high school in the US and secondary school in the UK, so let's see how this pans out ...

Think about your SENIOR year in High School...if you can remember that long ago!! The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be! It doesn’t take but 5 minutes, do it!!!

Class of: 1984

1. Did you know your current love?
I knew of him.  I saw him around from time to time, but he was in a different year and had different groups of friends so we never actually acknowledged each others' existence!!

2. Class colors?
At our school everyone wore grey and burgundy

3. What kind of job?
When I left school I got a job as an office junior

4. Where did you live?
Bagshot, a village about two miles from where I live now.

5. Were you popular?
I had a decent group of friends, but I was never 'in with the in crowd'.

6. Were you in choir or band?

7. Ever get suspended?

8. If you could, would you go back?
Hell no, wild dogs couldn't drag me back to that place.

9. Still talk to the person that you went to prom with?
We didn't do proms back in those days.

10. Did you skip school?
I skipped a few lessons.  My favourrite lessons to duck out of were PE and religious education.  I was totally uninterested in both!

11. Go to all the Football games?
We're talking about Football (soccer) here.  No, I didn't know when the school team was playing and I didn't care.

12. Favorite subject?
Art, History and English Language

13. Do you still have your yearbook?
We never did yearbooks.  So far as I know, the schools still don't.

14. Did you follow your career path?
I never really had a career path.  I wanted to do something with art but the school careers officer well and truly put the mockers on that (actually he laughed in my face).  I guess I was too young and not driven enough, so that died a death.  I just guessed that because I was moderately intelligent and could type, read, write and do sums, that I'd end up in an office job.  And I did!

15. Do you still have your high school ring?
Never had one, we didn't do anything like that

16. Who was your favorite teacher?
I had a great art teacher called Mr Shaw.  Anything he liked was always 'ace'.  He could see that I really was dedicated to learning and progressing in art lessons and really took me under his wing.

17. What was your favorite style?
I was an 80's teenager.  Big hair, bright colours, ra-ra skirts, polka dots, batwing sleeves... tragic!

18. Favorite Shoes?
Pixie boots

19. Favorite food?
I was a very finicky eater back in the day, so it would have been something really unadventurous like sausage and chips.

20. Favorite band?
Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Queen, Toyah, Adam Ant... like I said, child of the 80's :)

21. High school hairstyle?
My hair went beserk during puberty and I had a huge mop of tight curls

22. What cologne / perfume?
None, then as now I hate perfume.  I find it overpowering and it actually makes me feel headachey and nauseous, so I tended to stick to light bodysprays Like Impulse, and still do.

23. How old when you graduated?

24. What high school did you attend?
Collingwood Secondary School

25. Mascot
Didn't have one
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