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The Friday Five

So, here's a fun set of questions from February 2020

1. What is your favourite game?
I guess it depends – my favourite game to watch is cricket.  But, I have no interest in participating.  With my laughable lack of co-ordination, I’d probably concuss myself within five minutes. My favourite games are probably things like Trivial Pursuit and Pub Quizzes.

2. What is your earliest memory? 

A bit of context for this one.  I was born in central London in 1968, so 23 years after World War II ended.  London took such a terrible battering during the war, but particularly during the Blitz, that even when I was a little girl spending my earliest years in London, there was still a massive second wave of building going on all over London which was directly attributable to the aftermath of the war.  Consequently, my earliest memory is cranes.  Dozens and dozens of cranes, on every horizon, everywhere you looked.  I remember I used to call them ‘dinosaurs’ and would be mesmerised watching them slowly swinging about and moving!  Even now, I can’t get ‘dinosaurs’ out of my mind when I see a crane. :D

3. If you have one wish fulfilled, what would it be?
For all my loved ones (friends and family) to enjoy good health and live long happy lives. (And me too, I guess!)

4. Have you ever lost something that is important to you? Were you able to find it? 
When I was little I had a huge stuffed toy kangaroo, and she had a little stuffed toy joey in her pouch which I called Kiki.  Kiki was a conveniently portable size (about eight inches high) so she used to go everywhere with me, I carried her about to the shops, to school, even to bed. One day when I was about six I left her on a train and never saw her again.  I remember going through a really intense and prolonged period of grief and just crying continually.  It got so bad, my Mum got one of her work friends to make me a replacement which was very, very similar in size, shape colour, just everything really.  I called it Katie, but it wasn’t Kiki and the bond wasn’t there, so I just kind of got over my loss and moved on.

5. Would you rather go scuba diving or rock climbing? Why?
I’m tempted to say rock climbing because I’m very claustrophobic and think I woud find all the restrictive breathing apparatus a challenge. I’ve been okay snorkelling in the past, but with that you’ve always got the option of lifting your head out of the water and breathing normally if you want, and you can't do that when you're twenty feet underwater.  That said, however, I’m a moronically clumsy person, so rock climbing is probably a recipe for disaster as well.
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