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Keep everything crossed for us...

If everything goes according to plan, then two of these absolute little poppets will be joining our household in about six weeks time.

They're three weeks old Dutch x Mini Rex bunnies who lost their Mum at 1 week old, so they were shipped off to an animal sanctuary and have been being hand-reared, so they'll be very tame and humanised.  Dutch bunnies generally have lovely personalities anyway.

They'll be released to us in about six weeks when they're fully weaned, vaccinated, and any boys have had their little knackers chopped off.  The girls are being 'done' too.

We're hoping for a boy and a girl, and the sanctuary owner thinks she can accommodate this, but bunnies are notoriously difficult to sex before their little balls have dropped, so she's going to confirm back in a couple of weeks.

Aren't they just darling!!

*squishes and squees*

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