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Greetings from Winchester!

I met with milly_gal today at the Golden Lion pub in - of all places - Winchester.

We chose the location because this was a favourite haunt of mine, MIlly's and jj1564's and we frequently traumatised the place by staging mini adventures for spn_on_parade there. 

This visit was different, and difficult, but very much needed.  There was a lot of laughter, a lot of tears and a lot of remiscing about our dearest friend, June.  Oh, and there were minis.

MIlly's adorable hubby Steve joined us and was entirely unfazed by the sight of two grown women playing silly buggers with Funko Pop minis!

In keeping with our previous visits to the Golden Lion, we decided not to raise a glass to JJ's memory.

We raised a mini instead!

June would never have forgiven us if we didn't round the day off with Dean being rude at least once!

Tags: fandom friends, little plastic people

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