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Friday Five

Now that I'm not checking in on my weight loss journey any more, Im struggling to find moderately interesting things to post.

I've noticed that a couple of my F/listies are doing a little meme/challenge thing called 'The Friday Five' which looks like fun, so I've decided I'm going to be a lemming and jump on the bandwagon. 

These are a set of questions from January 2020, and I decided to have a go, so... here we go with the Friday Five!

1. How much slang do you use
Not a huge amount, but when I do, it tends to be London rhyming slang.  Slang words/phrases I use often/quite often are:

  • Barnet = hair

  • Mince pies = eyes

  • I don’t Adam and Eve it = I don’t believe it

  • It’s a bit tatas out here = it’s a bit cold out here

  • Let’s have a butchers = let’s have a look

  • She can’t half rabbit = she can’t half talk

2. What are your favorite words?
I honestly don’t really have a favourite word.  All words are awwesome when used in the right order or at the right time.  A swear word can be as beautiful as a poetic, descriptive word in the right circumstances.

3. How much do you curse?
Depending on your definition of curse.  I use mild oaths like ‘bloody’ and ‘sod’ all the time.  However, I tend to use really strong curses like ‘fuck’ a lot more sparingly.  The main reason for that is because when I really curse, I want it to have impact!  And if someone says ‘fuck’ every other sentence, then what do they resort to when they’re REALLY angry or shocked??

4. What makes a great conversation?
Whatever interests or engages someone.  What may be great conversation for one person, might be boring as hell for someone else.  When you have two people on the same wavelength, then conversation flows easily.  Conversation with a kindred spirit is an absolute joy.

5. How often do you have "deep" discussions?"
Depending on the definition of "deep", recent conversations I have had with Mr Dizzo include subjects such as:

  • The second law of Thermodynamics

  • Why no living thing in the history of evolution has ever had three legs

  • Whether the planet Pluto gets lonely.  (We decided he didn’t because he has Charon to keep him company)

  • Words that Shakespeare invented and introduced to the English language (because Mr Dizzo used the phrase ‘pound of flesh’)

  • Rabbit testicles

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