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Remembering June - 'Jensen time'

Ever since all the lockdowns started here in the UK last March, I have been sending June (jj1564) a picture of Jensen (or Dean) on Fb Messenger every day.  Very often, I didn't say anything, just 'Jensen time'.  It was just my way of letting June know that I was thinking of her.  She'd often respond with something like 'Oooo, luvverly!'

Yesterday, I saw a picture of Jensen on Facebook, and I saved it to my phone because I thought June would really like it.  And then I remembered...

We all had our own individual interactions with June; she touched so many lives in so many positive ways and we'd be here forever if we tried to write about them all.  Because of this, I've set up a little Facebook group, 'Remembering June', where we can share pictures and memories of our lovely lady.  It's a private group, and if you are a Fb friend of mine, you've probably already had an invite, but if you haven't had an invite, and would like to join, please PM me.

Also, if you would like an address to send a sympathy card to June's family, drop me a PM too.

And finally,  in honour of June...


Tags: extreme prettiness, fangirl down, jensen, rip june

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