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Another year older!

So yesterday, I had a birthday!

The practical part of me thinks that I should stop having birthdays because each one makes me a year older.  However, the big kid part of me loves birthdays because they're fun and I get presents!

Here on Lj, I got lovely birthday messages from fanspired, eternal_moonie, jillmariej, emmatheslayerand meus_venator.  I also got the sweetest V-gift from tyson1997.

In addition, I got some lovely birthday posts from my F/listies:

metallidean_grl, deanshot, casey28, kiramaru7 and heliokleia

Which were all very much appreciated!

I got lots of wonderful gifts, including this gorgeous little charmer from jj1564.  I'm sure he'll be making his debut on spn_on_parade very soon:

I got some lovely flowers from work:

And from Mr D, what can I say?
You know your relationship is rock solid when your husband buys you something like this!

Of course, it didn't take long for Mr D to find a use for him - he's always been looking for somwhere to put his hat...

This year's birthday was a little bit different to normal as it was my second birthday in lockdown, so that was a bit pants, but I was determined to make the best of it.  Mr D was at work during the day, so as I had the day to myself, I had a lay-in then started the day with a coffee shop breakfast of a panini and a hazelnut latte - yes, I wasn't counting calories today!  At all!

After breakfast, I spent some 'me-time' doing a bit of artwork.  Inspired by an art challenge group I'm a member of on Facebook, I got my watercolour paints out and had a play.  It's been, I reckon, thirty years since I did any watercolour work. I remember using watercolours when I was at school, and eventually giving up on them because I found them a messy frustration rather than a pleasurable pastime. But, I figure I'm older and wiser (debatable!) now, so time to give them another outing...? I was nibbling on an easter egg while I was working, and that was just blissful!

I enjoyed painting this far more than I remember, and the result may not be spectacular, but it's way better than I was expecting!

A pair or pears:

Later in the day, I went for a little cycle ride to our local country park, and one of the local residents came out to wish me a happy birthday...

In the evening, when Mr D was home, we settled down to a delicious anitpasti dinner with cheeses, artisan bread, crackers, cold cuts, olives, grapes, nuts and wine.

My scales are going to hate me this week, but i'm not sorry! :)
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