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I've got a medal! Well, eight actually!

Over the last eighteen months, I've been doing some virtual challenges to help motivate me to be more active.

I have no interest in exercise and really struggle to exercise for the sake of exercising just because someone with a 14 inch waist tells me it's good for me. But give me a gorgeous blingy medal and an app where I can follow myself along a famous route, and a target to try and beat and I'm there!  Even better, the challenge company that I use plant a tree every time you complete 20% of a challenge.  So the added satisfaction of knowing that five trees are planted every time I complete a challenge is just the icing on the cake!

Since I found the Conqueror Challenges, I've completed eight distance challenges (and I'm currently working my way through another one). My challenges are all completed just by counting Fitbit steps, as well as indoor and outdoor cycling.

And today, we finally got around to putting my lovely medals on display!

The medals are for:
Ring of Kerry: 124 miles
Inca Trail: 26 miles
Great Ocean Road: 149 miles
New Zealand Alps to Ocean: 180 miles
English Channel: 21 miles
Hadrians Wall: 90 miles
Lands End to John O'Groats: 1,083 miles
2020 miles for 2020: 2,020 miles

They're mounted above the desk where I do a lot of my artwork, so I can be inspired by their gorgeous creativity and colour!

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