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Happy Post: Meet the Hooligans!

So, I'm delighted to say that after the drama of Mr D's 'moment' last week, we had a very peaceful, uneventful weekend.

On Sunday, the weather was mild enough for us to be able to sit out in the garden for a couple of hours for the first time this year, which was lovely.  We had a little discussion about some garden maintenance jobs to do over the Easter break, in particular what we need to do to bunny-proof the garden for when our little furbabies arrive.

What was especially nice was that we were able to sit unnoticed and watch as our resident flock of jackdaws (also known as 'the Hooligans') decided to descend and help themselves to lunch.

And Mr D managed to get some great pictures of them:

Then, when those noisy gits eventually disappeared, this little bloke took his turn for lunch.

Honestly, I think they eat better than we do!

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