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Happy post: I had to be all 'adulty' today!

Sitting at home, ploughing my way through some payroll stats this morning, I got an email from a member of our marketing department.

They wanted a 'professional' quality head and shoulder shot of me for a glossy brochure they're making for the company.  As I have signed up to be a trustee of the company's charitable foundation, they wanted to put me and the other trustees in the publication.


I'm under no illusions that I'm not the most photogenic person in the world, and especially at the moment while my hair looks like I've killed a tomcat and stuck it on my head.  But it has to be said that I'm far happier now that I'm taking photos as my new lighterweight self!   Even so, the thought of my picture going in a glossy, professional brochure is terrifying!!

But, anyway, after running around the house, chucking some slap on my face, and changing my ever-present T shirt for a suit jacket, I drafted Mr D onto photography duty and here is the result:

Ooh, I look all growed up!!

I've taken a lot worse ... but 'supermodel' I ain't!
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