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Gotta love a Kiwi

This afternoon, I sent a quick Fb message to all my Kiwi chums just checking that they were all okay following the news of the big earthquake and the Tsunami warning off the east coast of New Zealand's north island.

New Zealand is a stunningly beautiful country but it does have some serious 'tude.  Think, the geological equivalent of a spotty teenager!

With typical Kiwi aplomb, they all responded, letting me know they were all fine; my friends near Wellington decided the earthquake wasn't worth getting out of bed for, and another friend from Napier bemoaned the fact that the quake had the audacity to wake him up for five minutes.

I said, 'think yourself lucky, my bladder does that every night', and he responded that the shake would have definitely got the bladder going.

I couldn't help but think yes, especially in all us Brits who live in a country with moderate climate, moderate weather, moderate topography and a tectonic landscape like a mobility scooter, who have never experienced a meaningful quake in our entire life!!!

Now, that would be the real Tsunami warning!!!
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