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Superhero – a Jensen Birthday Celebration picspam

It’s that time of year again.  The time of year when our gorgeous boy becomes a year older, and we all bemoan the fact that he ages better than a fine wine, whereas the rest of us age like a bottle of Bobby's potato-peelings and antifreeze home brew.

Now that Supernatural has ended, and J2 have moved on to pastures new *sobs* and Jared is already earning plaudits for ‘Walker’, we are all excited to see Jensen’s stint as Superhero Soldier Boy in ‘The Boys’.

The insanely talented BossLogic gave us a sneak peek of how Jensen might look as Soldier boy, with this magnificent fan art, and ovaries around the world gleefully ignited.  It was like the 4th July.

But the fact is, our boy has always been a superhero to us. 

Maybe we’re biased (and that’s a big, very ironic, maybe because – well – we’re as biased as all bloody hell) but there is ample evidence to back up this claim.

So, without further ado, here are all the times that Jensen (or his alter ego, Dean) was a Superhero in our eyes…

For instance, that time Dean was Batman...

Then Jensen took up the Batman mantle, and knocked it so far out of the park, even Perseverence Rover can't find it!

And then there was the time Jensen was the Red Hood, and made the Red Hood wish he was better at being the Red Hood.

At JIB one year, Jensen had a go at being Captain America…
Naturally, he nailed it.

But very often, Jensen doesn’t have to even try to be a Superhero; he manages this simply by existing.  Just observe him being Mr Fantastic…

Or Iron Man.,,

And don’t get me started on the Beast. 
Damn sexy beast, that is.

But Jensen’s talents know no bounds. He is our Winter Soldier...

And our Captain Marvel.
(Yeah, I know he’s not strictly a captain here, but cut me some slack, OK?)

And when he starts growing the facial fluff, we all agree he could pass quite adequately as Wolverine.
So, he might not have the funky retractable claws, but that look could stab you in the face at twelve paces, so it totally counts!

At various times in the past, Jensen has been Hellboy...


And Doctor Strange,

Of course, there was that memorable occasion when he turned into Swamp Thing.

But although our boy is another year older today, he has been doubling as a Superhero most of his life.  Here we have young Jensen as Aquaman...

And Pretty Boy – but that goes without saying.

There’s a Superhero called Green Arrow, but why the hell would you need an Arrow when you’ve got these deadly green weapons?

And there’s also a Superhero called Sublime.  He’s clearly never met Jensen!

Nor has ‘Dazzler apparently.

There is a Superhero called Deadpool, but he hasn’t got a Dead Guy Robe, so he doesn't count.

But Jensen’s talents don’t end here. 
He’s been Bananaman...

The iron Fist...




Firelord – of course, you gorgeous pyromaniac...

And Hawkeye – Jensen never lets anything escape his attention
(I think he’s just seen some of our fan fic)

Finally, I don’t think there’s a superhero called ‘Ovary-Murdering Shirtless Guy’, but if there isn’t, there damn-well should be – because here he is!

Regardless of what he wears (or not!) and regardless what he calls himself, Jensen will always be our Superhero.  So let’s wish Jensen the happiest of happies on his birthday!

Here's to decades more of spontaneously combusting ovaries.  Fire extinguishers are available in the corner... or they would be except that I've used them all.

Happy Birthday Jensen!

Credit for pictures as per watermarks. 

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