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Happy Post: Exciting plans afoot ...

Mr D and I will hopefully be welcoming two new fluffy additions to our family in the next few weeks/months!!!!!  Fluffy additions of the long-eared, twitchy nosed variety...

We hope to rehome a bonded pair of house bunnies, probably in the summer.  We're just going through a bit of a logistical exercise of bunny-proofing the ground floor of the house and making room for a bunny crate at the moment, and then we've got to wait until the right pair become available!

It's been a good few years since I had a bunny in my life, my last one was Angus:
(And Angus was spoiled rotten for the nine years that he shared our life!)

Love me something cute and cuddly...
And the rabbit's not bad, either.

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