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Update from Dizzoland

Well, we saw Colin off today, and the village did him proud.

The problem is that here in the UK at the moment, we are only allowed a maximum of 15 socially-distanced people at a funeral, and Colin is one of those people who would most likely have five hundred people turn up at his funeral.

But over the last few days, the word had gone around the village that we needed to give him a proper send off.

So, today at 12.30, Colin's hearse did it's final trip through Lightwater, the village where he had spent forty years of his life, and over a hundred of us Lightwater residents formed a socially-distanced guard of honour along the main road through the village, and applauded him past the Red Lion pub and all the way along the road.  Apparently, a similar tribute had taken place in Bagshot, the village where he had lived up to his death.

Afterward, Mr D and I headed home and watched his live-streamed funeral.  It was so fitting for Colin that the closing song of his funeral was 'always look on the bright side of life.'

Mr D and I bought a bottle of wine and raised a glass for him this evening, although I'm sure Colin would have preferred it was real ale!

RIP Colin.

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