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Book Meme

In the absence of anything interesting to post, here's a fun book meme pilfered from whysosadbunny

1. Which book would you consider the best book you’ve ever read and why?
that's a difficult question, because I’ve read lots of books I really enjoy.  However, Watership Down will always be up there among my favourites because, well, rabbits.  But it’s also so beautifully researched and focuses on the little nuances of rabbits’ existence, such as communal pellet chewing, and their foot-thumping warnings. I love that it also gives rabbit society a mythology and a backstory.

2. Are you an Austen person or a Bronte person?
Neither.  I haven’t read any, and tbh, they don’t really appeal to me.

3. Are there any genres you will not read?
Lots.  I’m not interested in trashy romance.  Also not remotely interested in politics or espionage.

4. Are you a fast or slow reader?
Fast.  Sometimes too fast, and I have to go back and read a page again and force myself to slow down.

5. What was your relationship with books like as a child?
My family were buying books for me before I was born.  I loved reading and being read to.  Apparently, when I started primary school at the age of four and a half, my parents were called into school and scolded because I could already read and had a reading age of 6-7, and wouldn’t listen when the poor teacher was trying to teach me to do something I could already do!
6. Are you the type of person who will read a book to the end whether you like it or not, or will you put it down straight away if you’re not feeling into it?
No, if a book isn’t inspiring me, I’ll abandon it

7. Have you ever despised  something you have read?
I don’t think I’ve ever ‘despised’ anything.  However, I remember being so very sad when Douglas Adams passed away.  He was so young, and the Hitch Hikers’ Guide series was a great love of mine; it was a big part in fuelling my love of fantasy and sci fi.  A few years after Douglas’ death, another author wrote a final book for the series – ‘And Another Thing’.  It was touted as the sixth book in the Hitch-Hikers’ trilogy.  I bought the paperback enthusiastically and started reading it.  It was well written and funny, but about a quarter of the way in, I had to put it down.  It wasn’t Douglas, and I felt intensely sad.  I almost felt a little unfaithful.   I never finished it.

8. Do you prefer to read first person or third person?
Never really thought about it.  I don’t think I have a preference.

9. Are you for or against multiple narrators in the same book?
I’ve only read a couple of books like this, and I had no problem with them.

10. Bookmarks, dog ears or leaving the novel open and face down to keep your spot?

11. Do you prefer to read at a certain time of day?
I don’t get as much time to read as I would like, I tend to snatch time when I can, so my reading time tends to be when I’m in bed, in the bath, at the gym, riding on a train, at the airport/on a plane etc.

12. Do you need to finish a book before you can move on to the next one, or will you have multiple books going at once?
I tend to only read one book at a time.

13. How do you choose which book to read next?
Often, it’s a case of looking at favourite authors and books of theirs I haven’t read, or any new releases.

14. What is your favorite childrens’ book?
I loved Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and I still have my childhood copy now.

15. Do you agree that Jane Eyre should be considered a feminist novel?
I’ve never read it, and to be honest don’t really know the story, so can’t comment!

16. What’s your favourite of Shakespeare’s plays?
I tend to like his histories and tragedies best.  My favourites, in no particular order: Henry V, Richard III, Macbeth

17. Do you know any poetry by heart?
Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.
‘Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe, all mimsy were the borogroves, and the mome raths outgrabe…’ etc!

18. Did you enjoy the Hunger Games?
I haven’t seen the films or read the books!

19. E-reader or traditional book?
Each have their benefits.  E-reader for convenience.  Books for the real reading experience.

20. Do you read in the bathroom?
Yep. When I have a bath as opposed to a shower, I love to luxuriate and read!

21. Ideal reading position?
Depending on where I am.  I might be in bed or sitting on the incumbent bike in the gym!

22. Hardcover or paperback?
Depending on the type of book.  I have some truly gorgeous hardback books which mainly tend to be factual, heavily illustrated books which are great for dipping in and out of.

3. Nicest edition or cheapest edition?
Not really fussed.  I don’t mind secondhand, as long as it’s not icky to touch!

24. Do you prefer happy endings or sad endings?
I gravitate toward happy endings, but sad endings can be more powerful.  The ending of Watership Down, which is bittersweet, never fails to make me cry!

25. Do you enjoy concepts in books to be concrete or abstract?
As long as it fits with the plot I don’t mind – as long as it’s not too unfathomable.

26. A book you studied in school and ended up loving?
Not really any of them.  The only book I can remember reading at school was ‘to Kill a Mockingbird’ and to this day, I’m both surprised and disappointed that it didn’t move me at all. 

7. Classics or modern literature?

28. Thoughts on adults reading YA?
Who cares?  It’s their choice!  I still read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sometimes 😉

29. Have you ever read a book in another language?
Only an Asterix the Gaul comic book bought many years ago in Belgium with Flemish text.

30. Have you ever written your own book?
No.  Would love to one day.
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