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Hello, *waves*!

Hey gang!

I hope you're all taking care of yourselves and keeping well - and sane!

Lockdown is continuing here in the UK for the foreseeable, and I'm still working from home and slowly going stir crazy!   I took the car out to give it a little bit of a blast today.  I drove two miles to my nearest big supermarket where I bought milk and cod fillets.  It was the highlight of my week!!!

Mr D is still going out to work, but he's made an arrangement with his boss as he has so much annual leave from last year to use up, that he's going to work a four day week and have every Friday off until the end of March.  Jealous?  Me?  YES!

Of course, there is room for cautious optimism here.  Case numbers seem to be settling down a little, so hopefully that means that the hospital numbers  and deaths numbers will follow in the next few days and the vaccine programme is rolling out amazingly quickly.  Mr D's mum had her vaccination today and My Mum is getting hers on Thursday.  My Dad's had an invite, but has decided he's not getting it.  *sigh*   (I was expecting this, but to say that I am exasperated is an understatement.)

That's really about all that's going on in the world of Dizzo at the moment.  I'm sorry this is such a dull post and I don't have anything remotely interesting or exciting to tell you, so I'll just leave a couple of pictures of Jensen here instead...

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