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Happy Post: Thank you!

I want to say thank you so much for all the gorgeous Christmas cards.  I love getting cards from my fandom buddies both from here in the UK and from overseas, and it's so exciting to see them drop onto the doormat.  My postman must wonder why we're getting card from every corner of the globe!

This year, I had so many gorgeous cards thanks to amberdreams, kiramaru7, edina_clouds128, julchen11, theymp, heavenli24, jdl71, xlittleangx, deceptivemirror, herminekurotowa, meazrael_64, dean_hugs_sammy, stellamira, andiivalo, sillie82, supernutjapan, sasha_dragon, jjj1564, kattrip033, 999alena on Livejournal, and Wendy, Pauline, Steph, Malou, Natalie and Chris, and Jacq who aren't on Livejournal!

I loved them all so much - you guys rock!!!

(I hope I haven't missed anyone.  If I have, it's not you, it's me and my menopause brain!)

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