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Snowflake Challenge - Day 4

In your own space, create some goals.  Leave a comment to this post saying you did it.  Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I'm so rubbish at setting goals! 

In previous years, my goals have involved getting fit and losing weight.  Those are ongoing things for me as I am in the middle of a weight loss regime and I'm two stone  (28 pounds or almost 13 kilos down).  Part of that involves trying to keep myself active, so I'm not going to include those goals this year.

So after much thought, these are going to be my specific goals for this year, these are all going to be fandom/creative goals because trying to organise something or go anywhere at the moment is a bit of a lost cause!

1. Write more fandom words than I did in 2020 (I'm going to set that at 30,000.
2. Take part in one fandom writing or art challenge that I've never done before

3. My third, non-specific goal is to try not to let this whole covid/lockdown crap get to me this year.  By the last couple of months of 2020, I wasn't in a great place, missing too many people an having one disappointment too many.  I had a good break over Christmas and cleared my head a little.  I'm managing to find some optimism with all the talk of vaccinations, and I very much want to try to hang on to that positivity.  

Stay safe everyone!

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