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Fandom Review 2020

So, 2020. What can you say? Well, nothing polite, that’s for sure.

As for everyone, the year panned out to be one great big steaming cowpat. With all the Covid chaos, fires, floods, plagues of locusts, Brexshit, and to top it all, the end of Supernatural.

But this post is not here to dwell on the negatives (if I did, I’d be breaching the Lj word limit, no doubt), I’m only going to focus on the fandom positives of the year. So, here goes…

I managed to write more fandom words this year than last year. Last year’s word count was quite low, because of the studying I was doing early in 2019 (27,003). I was aiming to be up to about the 30,000 this year, but inspiration has been a little hard to come by, and in the end I finished up on 27,690. So, yes, a bit disappointing, but more than last year so we’ll call it a win anyway!

So, without further ado, here are the fics that made up those words:


Armed and dangerous

Sam and Dean mk II

Bunker Brother written for theymp in the spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange

Picture Perfect a birthday fic for meazrael_64

Hunter Gatherer written for the Fun and Sunshine challenge at spn_bigpretzel

The joy of Summer written for the Fun and Sunshine challenge at spn_bigpretzel

GISH Poem written for GISH August 2021

Karaoke King written for spn_summergen

The Birds and the Bees a birthday fic for theymp

Night Crawler written for the Hallowe’en Reverse Micro Bang Challenge on spn_bigpretzel

Fine Dining written for the 12 Day’s of Christmas challenge challenge on spn_bigpretzel

Baby’s Merry Christmas written for the 12 Day’s of Christmas challenge challenge on spn_bigpretzel


I did manage to write 60 drabbles for the two drabble challenges that I take part in.  I'm not going to list them all, but you can find them all HERE

Artsy Fartsy Stuff


Happy birthday Millygal

Happy Birthday Dean Winchester

Happy Valentines Day

Quickybang art for jdl71

Happy Birthday whysosadbunny

Happy Birthday Jensen

Banner for spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange

Happy Birthday sandy79

Happy Easter

Happy birthday casey28

Happy Birthday Sam

Happy Birthday sasha_dragon

spn_bigpretzel Spring fic exchange artwork for jj1564

spn_bigpretzel Spring fic exchange artwork for kingstoken

spn_bigpretzel Spring fic exchange artwork for theymp

Happy Birthday amberdreams

Happy Birthday raloria

The Perils of Sunbathing for spn_bigpretzel Fun and Sunshine challenge

Banner for spn_bigpretzel Fun and Sunshine Challenge

Happy 4th July

Happy Birthday metallidean_grl

Happy Birthday Jared

Bobby’s Favourite Picture for spn_bigpretzel Fun and Sunshine challenge

Happy Birthday 999alena

Happy Birthday roxymissrose

All Good Things

Happy Supernatural Day

For JJ jj1564

September meme – Pumpkin

Happy Birthday stir_of_echoes

Banner for spn_bigpretzel Hallowe’en Reverse Micro Bang

Happy Birthday kiramaru7

Happy Birthday herminekurotowa

Baby’s Had a Hell of a Day for spn_bigpretzel Hallowe’en reverse Micro bang

Reversebang Art #1

Banner for spn_bigpretzel12 days of Christmas Challenge

Banner for fic The Man in the Mirror

Illustrated drabble

Seasons Greetings

Art for day 2 of spn_bigpretzel 12 days of Christmas challenge

Colouring Supernatural


Colouring – Not Supernatural


Pastel Art - Supernatural

Young John

Not Supernatural




I was busy spamming the heck out of our lovely Jensen and his partners in crime this year, and you can find all my picspams


I had four conventions planned for this year, and unfortunately – like almost everyone else – all my plans were scuppered.  The four conventions have all been postponed to 2021.  Whether or not they’ll go ahead, or whether or not I’ll even be able to get to them, who knows?  We can keep everything crossed!


Because of the lockdown, there were a few one-day GISH challenges, and I took part in three:


Other stuff

spn_bigpretzel is now in its 9th year and still going strong and I am indebted to jj1564 for her invaluable help as co-mod. The Drabbles Every Weekend (DEW) challenge maintains its popularity and regularly produces some great little works.   The comm also hosted its flagship challenge, the Spring Fic Exchange, together with The Summer Fun and Sunshine challenge, the Hallowe’en Reverse Micro Bang and the 12 Days of Christmas challenge.

The Mini Mayhem carries on over at spn_on_parade where our resident population of minis continue to perform for around 120 members.  Thanks go to my lovely co-mod jj1564 together with all our members who have kept our cute and cosy little bucket o’ crazy rockin' and rollin' for another year.

I was thrilled to be able to take part once again in spn_summergen as an author, and enjoy some great collaborations in spn_reversebang as an artist.

I met up with one of my lovely JIB buddies in February and we went out for dinner in London.  We were joined during the evening by Rick Worthy which was a delightful surprise!  21 February

And finally, I continued running the weekly Drabble challenge alongside the lovely vansgroi

So, that was 2020, it's been a funny old year, in which we said a tearful goodbye to our show.  I’ve missed catching up with my fandom buddies more than words can say, and all I can say is that 2021 has one job, just one.  Be better than 2020, that’s all. 

I sincerely hope I’m writing a more positive summary next year.  Stay safe everyone, love you all!

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