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Snowflake Challenge - Day 1

Day 1: In your own space, introduce yourself

Well, here we are again, Snowflake challenge 2021!  I love to do Snowflake challenge, it feels like a nice positive reset for the new year.  And after the shitstorm that 2020 turned out to be, positivity is more important than ever this year!

I'm dizzojay and my online home is Livejournal, and has been for ten years now.   

If you venture across to my journal you will find a mixture of fan fiction, fan art, and Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester appreciation together with various musings on such diverse subjects as weight loss, the wit and wisdom of my long-suffering other half (Mr D), GISH, fandom, and other general absurdities from the life of Dizzo.

I am a 100% Supernatural fan.  Supernatural owns my heart and always will.  Although I am a total Dean girl, I am also a lover of the overall phenomenon that is J2M - I'm an equal opportunities fandom perv.  My little corner of fandom is my happy place, even though Supernatural is no longer with us, it will live on at my journal.

I own two communities on LJ, spn_bigpretzel which celebrates the sunnier side of Supernatural, and spn_on_parade which is a crazy corner of fun involving Pop Funko dolls and healthy disregard for social norms.  I'm supported in both communities by my wonderful co-mod jj1564 who is an absolute rock!

I have over 900 Supernatural fics posted at Fanfiction.net, most of which are drabbles, and I'm in the process of transferring many of these over to my AO3 account,  I also have quite an extensive collection of fan art, both traditional and digital, over on Deviant art.

So that's me, and here's to another Snowflake challenge!

Happy new year :)

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