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The Dizzo Dean and Jensen Advent Event: Day 22 - Jensen characters picspam

So for today, here's a picspam of all Jensen's characters APART from Dean WInchester!!

And there have been a few of them! (Of course, none of them hold a candle to our beloved Dean - but they're all very pretty!)

Michael Duss - Wishbone (I've wished for this several times, but it's never worked).

Brad Rollins - Sweet Valley High (sweet is the word)

Malcolm - Mr Rhodes (the boys at my school never looked like this.)

David - Cybill (not sure what's more spectacular - that corsage, that tux or those curtains.)

Eric Brady - Days of our Lives (um, was I saying something... )

Eddie - Blonde (Does Eddie stand for Emo distractingly delightful incomparable eyes?)

Ben - Dark Angel  (Baby Dean mk 1)

Alec - Dark Angel (Baby shirtless Dean mk 2)

CJ - Dawson's Creek (more curtains - is that the C in CJ?)

Max - Still Life (My ovaries are in that urn)

Jason Teague - Smallville (sorry, I really like this picture - bad Dizzo!!)

Jake Gray - Devour (Jaw clench ... YAY!!)

Priestly - Ten Inch Hero (Priestly can't believe how awesome his hair is either)

Tom Hanniger - My Bloody Valentine (pretty and psychotic)

Jack Durfy - Buddy Games (why don't the construction workers I see look like this?)

Bonus - Red hood! (Can I faint now?)

Tags: advent event, extreme prettiness, fangirl down, jensen, pictures

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