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Checking in...

I decided not to check in tomorrow as I usually check in on Thursday because, well there's other stuff going on (and I'll probably weep myself a few pounds lighter as a result), but here's the latest update:

So, very happy with my continuing progress.  I somehow managed to lose 3.25 pounds this week, which means I'm currently sitting on 216.75 pounds, a total loss of 14.25 pounds.  I've cleared two milestones this week.  I'm now sub-100 kilos (now about 98.5 kilos), and I just cleared my first stone by 0.25 pounds!

My next milestone will be a little way off now, and that's to lose a stone and a half (21 pounds), which I'll achieve when I hit 210 pounds!

And here's shirtless Jensen because, well, shirtless Jensen.
Tags: extreme prettiness, fangirl down, jensen, noom

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